Shoot It Your Way is a new and alternative video production company that creates fun & professional wedding videos by editing the footage you record on our awesome cameras!

You shoot it, we create the magic!

How does It work?
  1. A couple of days before your wedding, we deliver our video cameras to your front door.

  2. Your friends and family capture all the magic, fun and laughter from the preparations until the party ends!

  3. Our talented team of editors then turn your footage into a totally brilliant, fun and professional DVD.
What's Included?
All the equipment

Delivery & Collection
Anywhere in the U.K

Camera Insurance
Just in case! :)

Professionally Edited DVD(s)
Using your choice of music

Wedding Highlights
Available online

Movie Trailer*
Share Online
Unedited/Edited Video Files*
Hard drive or USB stick

Check out our Packages for further details.
* Can be included as an optional extra
Are the cameras easy to use?

Simple answer... yes!

They are compact, lightweight and to use them you simply open out the screen and press record! We've selected these cameras because theyre easy to use, produce stunning picture quality and are packed with extra features ideal for weddings.

To take a closer look, click here.

How much does it cost?
We have three wedding packages to choose from starting from £400.

To find out more, click here
Accidents can happen, so to give you piece of mind, we've teamed up with a leading film equipment insurance specialist and put together a comprehensive policy that covers all the equipment whilst on hire.
The cost of this short-term insurance policy is already included in the price and we organise it all for you.
Our Editors
Our team of talented editors aren't the best looking bunch in the world but they're damn good at editing your footage. They take pride in their work and finish your DVD when they're happy with it, not when the clock says so!
Online Tutorials
Once you have placed your booked with us, you'll have access to your own private members page where you will be able to choose your music, keep up to date with your booking & watch our online tutorial videos. These are short, fun clips, packed with brilliant ideas & examples that will ensure your film crew not only know what they're doing but will have a great time doing it!
Party Time!
Our cameras perform brilliantly in low light conditions but if the light does get too dark, the camera’s BUILT IN LIGHT allows you to capture those otherwise impossible shots (perfect for the dance floor later! ).


The camera's BUILT IN PROJECTOR allows you to re-live those magical moments from the day. All you need is a wall!

Video Diary
Why not have your guests leave a personal message for you on your wedding day. Get your friends to gather messages throughout the day or alternatively set the camera can up in an area away from the main action where your guests can take it in turns to leave a message.

We'll then edit the footage into your main wedding highlights movie with any remaining messages forming a moving chapter on your final DVD!


Bookings are now coming in for 2019. We still have a few spaces left for 2018.

About Us

Shoot It Your Way Is a new and alternative video production company that creates fun and professional videos by editing the footage you record on our awesome cameras!

You shoot it, we create the magic!

Click here to find out more.





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